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     The terminology listed below should help you say and understand some of the Korean words we use during our classes. It should be fun to learn and use.

Basic Taekwondo Korean Terminology

Click here to open a PDF version of Basic Taekwondo Korean Terminology for printing - 1 page!



An Nyong Ha Ship Ni Ka? How are You?
Gam Sa Hap Ni Da Thank You
Kwon Jang Nim Grandmaster
Sa Bom Nim Master
Tae Kwon Do Korean Martial Art
Do Jang Studio
Do Bok Uniform
Cha Ryut Attention
June Bee Ready Motion
Kyung Ye Bow
Kook Ghee Flag
Kook Ghee Ye Bae Re Salute the Flag
Kwon Jang Nim Ke Kyung Ye Bow to Grandmaster
Ba row          Return
Poom Se Form
Ki Ahp Yell
Gyo Sah Nim Instructor

Numbers 1 - 10

Korean English Korean English
Ha Na One III 1
Dool Two E 2
Set Three Sam 3
Net Four Sa 4
Da Sut Five O 5
Yo Sut Six Youk 6
II Gop Seven Chil 7
Yo Dol Eight Pal 8
Ah Hope Nine Goo 9
Yol Ten Ship 10

Note: The above two (2) tables of Korean vocabulary are the basic words needed for beginning students of Taekwondo. For more advanced studies you will find fifteen (15) additional tables which will help you as you advance in your studies of the martial art of Taekwondo at this page: Advanced Taekwondo Korean Vocabulary.

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